Health and Wellbeing Strategy

The Health and Wellbeing Strategy provides a high-level framework which  directs the Health and Wellbeing Board’s activity until 2025; it supports the board’s role to provide leadership for health and wellbeing by making the most of our collective resources within Rotherham. It focuses on what we can do better together and provides strategic direction for each organisation as they deliver services.

The four aims of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy are:

All children get the best start in life and go on to achieve their potential
All Rotherham people enjoy the best possible mental health and wellbeing and have a good quality of life
All Rotherham people live well for longer
All Rotherham people live in healthy, safe and resilient communities


The board monitors the progress of the strategy via an action plan setting out the core activities the board oversees. The board receives regular updates to identify risks and opportunities that may impact on achieving the aims. An annual report is published each year with case studies, giving people the chance to hear about what has been achieved and the impact it’s had.

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