About the Partnership

About the partnership

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Rotherham’s Health & Wellbeing Board is a multi-agency board of equal partners, who are working together to improve the health of local people. The role of the Health and Wellbeing Board is to support and encourage effective partnership working, share good practice, understand and build on local assets, as well as taking action where needed to remove blockages, identify gaps and hold organisations to account for delivery.

South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board

Rotherham is one of the four places constituting the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board.

The board  is directly accountable for NHS spend within the Integrated Care Board (ICB) area. It is responsible for the commissioning of healthcare services for the population of South Yorkshire and ensuring the quality and performance of those services within the ICB area. 

South yorkshire health and wellbeing board

South Yorkshire Health & Wellbeing Board Chairs

The Chairs of the four South Yorkshire Health & Wellbeing Boards meet quarterly to update on  relevant issues and feed into South Yorkshire work.

Integrated Care Partnership

The Integrated Care Partnership is made up of the health and social community, including local authorities, providers of health and care services and voluntary sector, who are working together to transform the way the care for the population of Rotherham.

You can read South Yorkshire Integrated Care Partnership Strategy here

Rotherham Place Partnership 

The Place Board is responsible for partnership business, providing the strategic and collective leadership to deliver the ambitions of the Place Partnership and the Rotherham Place Plan.

The Place Board is the forum where all partners across health and care in Rotherham come together to formulate and agree strategies for implementing the Rotherham Place Plan. The Place Partnership is committed to achieving the best outcomes for people in Rotherham, ensuring alignment of relevant health and social care budgets so health, care, and support services can be bought once for a place in a joined-up way.

The structure diagram outlines governance arrangements between place arrangements and the Health and Wellbeing Board.

Structure diagram

The Rotherham Together Partnership

The Health and Wellbeing Board is a part of the Rotherham Together Partnership, which brings together key partnership boards in Rotherham.

The Rotherham Plan 2025 provides a framework for partners’ collective efforts to create a borough that is better for everyone who wants to live, work, invest or visit.

The Health and Wellbeing Board and strategy contribute to achieving the vision of the Rotherham Plan,  particularly in relation to improving health and wellbeing outcomes for local people.

Rotherham together partnership